From Italy to Oxford


What's more challenging than fitting in a reasonable size of your favourite pair of jeans?


Making friends after 20, of course!

What if you have moved abroad and become an expat?

"I'm sorry, I can help it"


If you are an #Expat struggling with making friends abroad, don't be ashamed, you are not alone!



Everyone wants to make new friends, especially abroad, but they don't know where to start


Finding the perfect group of people to get along with is not a walk in the park, especially if you are an expat that hopes to find other people to go out and share this experience with.

Maybe you've met someone already, but they're too young, too old, too different, they just don't work for you.


What to do then?


If you are an expat in Oxford, what are you waiting for?

Join our free social events!



If you wish to become part of our community of expats and organise events in your town, send us a message at

We'll be happy to help! 

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